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Effective and practical nasal aspirator. Chicco’s PhysioClean nasal aspirator is useful for freeing the nose of children from excess mucus in an effective and practical way allowing baby to breathe easily at all times.

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PhysioClean Nose Cleaner – dedicated to your baby’s nasal cleansing.

Nasal cleansing is essential in younger children who cannot blow their noses on their own. Since a closed nose makes breastfeeding difficult and prevents the baby from sleeping peacefully, it is always good to keep the nose clean and accessible. Chicco’s PhysioClean nose cleaners help free children’s noses from excess mucus in a practical way. The ergonomic shape makes it easy for mothers to use, and the soft spout is designed specifically to adapt to the delicate nostrils of the little ones.

Key features:
●    Designed for babies: Chicco Physioclean nose cleaner, a nose cleaner made specifically for babies. Its nozzle is composed of a soft, flexible material that is gentle on a baby’s delicate nose.
●    Free of latex, phthalates, and BPA: BPA and phthalates are not present in the nose cleaner. There are no other dangerous substances in it. Silicon, a non-toxic, non-allergenic, and latex-free polypropylene, is used to make the nasal aspirator.
●    Simple to use and superior to others: Chicco Physioclean nose cleaner is Simple and easy to use, exclusive for babies to prevent contamination or germ transmission.
●    Cleaning is simple and safe: The Chicco nose cleaner’s pieces are detachable, and it’s simple to clean and rinse. Clean the aspirator with warm, soapy water after each use to maintain it and keep it clean and safe.
●    Very practical and provides immediate relief: This nose cleaner has the advantage of giving immediate assistance to a new-born who is experiencing dyspnoea owing to a plugged nose. It is carefully engineered to sucking up mucus without hurting the babies” delicate mucus membranes. The Chicco nose cleaner aids in the unblocking of the nose.

Product description:

Nasal cleaning is particularly crucial in younger children who are unable to blow their noses independently. It is an excellent practice to keep the nose clean and free since a small nose makes nursing harder and hinders the infant from resting happily. For maximum hygiene, each component is separately packaged. The spouts have been specially developed to fit the delicate nose of children.

Chicco PhysioClean Nose cleaner is suitable for removing extra nasal discharge quickly and gently. It is easier for the mother to use than the other products which need to be sucked from the mouth from the other end, and the flexible tip of the product with an anti-occlusion slit is well suited to the sensitive nose of a baby. In addition, disposable nozzles with filters ensure the highest level of hygiene.
As a result, the nose is cleared, allowing for easier suckling and a more restful night’s sleep.
Included are:
●    One ergonomic portion with nonslip handle,
●    One silicone flexible tube with aspiration tip,
●     Three single-use anatomic sprouts with individually inserted filter,
●     One resealable packet

Consumer benefits:
●    Its ergonomic shape with grip assists the mother and the nozzles, made of soft and flexible materials.
●    Fit for the baby’s sensitive and delicate nose offers an immediate solution for mothers to keep the nose unblocked and allow the baby to breathe freely, making it easier to Sleep and Feed.
●    BPA-free plastic and silicone are used to create this product.
●    Nose cleaner removes mucus from the baby’s nose, making breathing easier and providing relief from a blocked nose. During a cold, it aids in baby’s breathing.
●    The soft, flexible nozzle easily fits into the sensitive and fragile nose of a baby.
●    Soft silicone substance protects the mucus membrane from scrapes and injury. It’s simple to clean.
●    Cleaning an extra mucus out of a baby’s nose using this Chicco cleaner might help them breathe easy by increasing airflow.
●     A baby with a cleaner nose is more likely to feed comfortably, leading to a less stressed mother and a happier family.
●    Chicco nose cleaner is easy to carry in your nappy bag or handbag and on your travels throughout the day, thanks to its basic design.

Good to know:
Our objective has always been to make a baby smile while also assisting parents in their child’s development. Because happiness is a journey that begins when you’re a new-born, but if your child’s nose is blocked, he’ll be very irritated. This situation creates tension for the parents; to eliminate this, we provide safe solutions designed to satisfy babies’ expectations as they advance through the growth phases, like the Chicco Physioclean nose cleaner. Every day, we work with utmost effort to uphold our commitment and guarantee quality and safety. In the design, development, and production phases, we strive to not only meet, but surpass, the most stringent standards, and we provide ongoing after-sales assistance. In addition, we encourage responsible innovation by promoting and actively participating in creating future quality and safety regulatory standards.


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