Cabinet Door Drawers Refrigerator Toilet Safety Plastic Lock

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Item description: child safety locks, drawer lock, cabinet lock, lock freezer, toilet lock, lock children, baby safety products
Specification: safety lock length: about 22 cm;Middle ribbon is about 12 cm long (ribbon can DIY length cut suture)
Material: ABS PP ribbon
Level: optimal level
This product can be used in the refrigerator, cabinet doors and drawer, toilet and other multi-purpose lock.?To prevent the baby after opening, eating or mess up the inside of the goods, in order to avoid the happening of the accident.A cloth belt connection make the products better flexibility, is applicable to any place around the corner, and in use process will not scratch furniture.Cute design, not hamper furniture overall beautiful Directions for use:
1 before use must be wiped the dust paste place/oil/water, etc., to keep the face clean.
2 strip tape on the separation paper, firm pressure on the paste.
After 3 labeled tape sticky sticky relay after 24 hours will be completely cured and glued down. (do not try to pull it when sticking, this will affect the tape sticky)


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